Goodbye WordPress, Hello Ghost

Chai Jia Xun
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Welcome to the new site. (Update 6 Jan 19: There's a newer site now!)

It's been a long time coming, but Jia Jin and I have finally sat down and ground out a new blog design.

The blog is still under development so please excuse all the seemingly broken bits and pieces. I'm still working on it and you (the non-existent reader) can expect it to get better over the next few days. The old posts will be back up and new posts will be coming soon.

This site also marks a move away from the comfortable CPanel interfaces I'm so used to from shared hosting plans, and a move into self managed servers on DigitalOcean. The blog itself is powered by Ghost, and frankly it has one of the best content editors I've seen. The simplistic nature does come with downsides though, and I intend on covering the setup process in a separate blog post.

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Chai Jia Xun
Chai Jia Xun

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